There are both group classes and individual classes. In the former, the theory of music is being taught, while in the latter, students are taught how to play an instrument. All group classes will be taught in English.

Group Classes for all students

Course Description

Students learn basic music theories using textbook as well as solfeggio, recorder and by singing.

The classes are divided into three levels - basic, intermediate and advanced - each covering a period of two years and leading to a certificate.

At the end of each term, students need to pass an exam. Only students who have successfully passed the final exam in the basic level and who have been awarded a certificate will be accepted for the intermediate level. Similarly, successful completion of the intermediate level exam will be a requirement to attend the advanced level classes. For each of the six years, a detailed curriculum has been developed. 

Basic Level

Year 1

  • Unit 1: Notes, G-clef, lines and spaces.
  • Unit 2: Note value and Time signature. Introduction of recorders to review Unit 1.
  • Unit 3: F-clef, semitones (# and b ), dynamic signs and dotted notes.

Year 2

  • Unit 4: Tempo marks, articulation, and introduction to scales
  • Unit 5: Melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Unit 6: Advanced time signatures and rhythm patterns (incomplete measures, syncopation, eight note triplets)
  • Unit 7: Triads

Intermediate Level

Year 3

  • Unit 8: Triads, V7 chord and major chord progressions
  • Unit 9: Minor scale, minor triads, minor chord progressions
  • Unit 10: Broken chords and arpeggiated accompaniments, harmonizing a melody, imposing and the blues scale
  • Unit 11: Basic forms of music
  • Solfeggio 1
  • Recorder Ensemble 1

Year 4

  • Music History 1
  • Solfeggio 2
  • Recorder Ensemble 2
  • Chorus 1

Advanced Level

Year 5

  • Music History 2
  • Solfeggio 3
  • Chorus 2
  • Basic Harmonics

Year 6

  • Harmonics
  • Chorus 3
  • Solfeggio 4
  • Ensemble