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Fund Raising Event

posted 14 Apr 2012, 22:52 by Boaz Shmueli   [ updated 14 Apr 2012, 23:01 ]
Thimphu residents will have an opportunity to enjoy French, Japanese and Caribbean music at a fund-raising musical event. The concert is being organized by Kilu Music School and is scheduled to be held on April 4, 2009 from 4:30-6:00 pm at the Youth Auditorium, Youth Complex in Thimphu. Tickets are available at Kilu Music School. The event will showcase two talented international musicians: Ms. Hiroko Ito and Mr. Sylvain Diony. Ms. Ito is an accomplished accordion artist who has performed in Japan’s major concert halls, and international festivals in France and Canada. She has three albums to her name, two of which have been entirely composed by herself. Mr. Diony is an experienced guitarist who has performed concerts in France, Canada and Japan. He is also a lecturer at the Marcoussis Arts School in France. Ms. Ito and Mr. Diony have graciously volunteered to come to Bhutan to perform in the fund-raising event. This will not be the first time for the musical duo to perform in Bhutan, they performed in a fund-raising event for Kilu Music School in 2007. The proceeds from the upcoming event will assist the operation of Kilu Music School.

Kilu Music School, a non-government organization, was established in March 2005. At the moment, there are 40 students enrolled in Kilu; 4 adults, and 36 children, and they are all being taught by JOCV Mr. Masayuki Nagano. Mr. Nagano, who has been working in Kilu since September 2007, is the only music instructor at the school. Hence, he has the tremendous task of preparing and conducting classes for all the students. However, instead of being overwhelmed by the responsibilities, Mr. Nagano said that he enjoys the challenge and is delighted to watch his students learn music. The students attend two classes a week; one individual (practical) and one group (music theory). Mr. Nagano said that he is also trying to prepare the curriculum for the different course levels offered at Kilu. The school offers a six year curriculum and also gives certification.

Source: JICA newsletter