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Piano Notations from the Heart

posted 14 Apr 2012, 23:36 by Boaz Shmueli   [ updated 14 Apr 2012, 23:38 ]
Source: Lucky Wangmo, Business Bhutan, April 17, 2010

For Noam Lemish, an Israeli-American pianist and a composer, expressing feeling through words were always difficult. That was how he found music, and it bought him to Bhutan.

He started playing at the age of eleven and realized he wanted to be a professional musician at the age of 14. Having begun his classical and jazz studies in Israel and his major in music from Sonoma State University, United States, he has appeared in countless performances in the US and Europe.

He has composed music for two short films in Bhutan and has also collaborated with the guitarist and singer Tshering Dorji.