All the teachers in the school have been working on a voluntary basis. We are currently looking to recruit professional music teachers locally. Interested candidates, who have experience in either music or in teaching or both, please contact us with your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Also, we welcome volunteer teachers who can teach basic theory and/or teach to play an instrument.



  • Tshundu Wangmo (Bhutan) -Present 2015

Previous Staff

1. Ikuko  2005

2. Tomoko (2005-2007) 

3. Masayuki Nagano (Japan, 2007-2009) 

Masayuki was a full time volunteer music teacher from JOCV. He studied at the Musashino Academia Musicade, specializing in piano and music education. He also has a Masters Degree in education from Jyouetu University of Education.

4. Noam Lemish (US-Israel, 2009-2010)

American-Israeli pianist and composer Noam Lemish joined Music school in 2009. In Bhutan along with his teaching responsibilities and numerous collaborations, Lemish hosted a weekly music radio program on Centennial Radio 101 FM and was commissioned by The Royal Office of Media to compose a special piece in celebration of His Majesty, the King of Bhutan’s 30th Birthday.

5. Saito 

6. Haruko Oshita (Japan, 2010-2012)

7. Keijiro Kamiya (Japan, 2012)

8. Gaile Griciute (2013-2014)

9. Nick Andrew (2014-2015)

10. Kevin Hull -2015-2016 (America)

11. Sophie Ali -2016-2017 (UK)

12. Gerardo Sanchez Lara - 2017-2018 (Mexico)

13. Andrea Vasi- 2018-2019 (The Netherlands)

Phub Dorji (Bhutan)

-The school's first administrator