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Samten Chhophel

Personal Information

DOB: 12/12/1986 
I.D: 11405001090
Nationality: Bhutanese

Educational Background

2009–2010    How to teach Piano from Gabriela (private piano tutor) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

8/2009–7/2010    Education Piano Technician level 3 in Hout en Meubileringscollege (HMC) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The curriculum consisted of: 

  • Tuning and maintenance activities of pianos and grand pianos (with the aid of computer) 
  • Repairs and revisions of pianos and grand pianos 
2005–2008    Kilu Music School, Basic music grades in piano

2005    Kelki High School, class XII 

2003    Motithang High School, class X

Work Experience

2006–2009, 2010–present Kilu Bhutan Music School Music instructor.

Music teaching

Music – has been ingrained in our hearts and souls from time immemorial. It has been passed on from generations in tunes, rhythms and lyrics and yet we do always find newer avenues for it. Music is to us - as is the Milky Way to the starry skies; the golden sunshine to every breathing soul; the depth of the blue ocean and the heights of the azure skies to every creature big and small. Today, music has picked up momentum among our children and youth. It is turning a new dimension in the Bhutanese context and we, the Kilu Music school fraternity persevere to make music an enterprise enabling a healthier youth and generation.

Music is a universal language, it makes you laugh, cry, jump with happiness. At times it is also an antidote for the sick. I have loved and enjoyed music as a child and in all my growing years. Learning how to read and write music was a passionate desire and having the opportunity for the fulfillment of my dreams and aspirations at the Kilu Music School was a blessing, given that it was one of its kind in the entire country. Taught by talented JOCV volunteers Tomoko, Masayuki, Kejiro and also a volunteer, Haruko, I learnt a lot while simultaneously being attached as a trainee teacher teaching kids basic music theories. My passion in music made me an ardent and fast learner. Music all over the world is taught and learnt from a very young age as it is believed that the younger one is the better one grasps. In Bhutan, the dearth of music schools deprives many of the opportunity to expand and mould their musical sensitivities and talents. It was regrettable then that one had to be self taught if one had an interest in the subject and yet it is amazing how one would still find many who have learnt it that way. Being a lucky recipient of music training, I felt the drive to teach others especially children who will at a young age learn quicker.

The opportunity of studying music in Holland via the Kilu School was an added advantage to my growing music career. Learning to tune pianos and fix them has enhanced my career scope and has also fueled my thirst and drive to develop my skills in not just music theories and instruments but also in their design and history and manufacture. Holland gave me the exposure to musical concerts, orchestras and symphonies. Study tours to Museums in Italy especially the Fazioli gave me insight into Piano manufacture and assembly. The experiences widened my technical knowledge and skill. 

Continuing to teach at the Kilu music school enriches my scope for learning and developing varied music skills while ensuring the fulfillment of my dreams to work with children and youth of Bhutan.