The Kilu Music School adheres to the following principles:
  • Voluntary access: Students join the Kilu Music School on a purely voluntary basis. The classes are in no way linked to the official schooling curriculum
  • Open to all: Anyone above the age of 6 can join the classes. Access is not restricted to school-going youth. For each of the 6 levels, classes will soon be organized for three different age groups - young kids, adolescents and adults. For those below the age of 6, rhythmic classes are being provided.
  • Financial sustainability without financial barriers to access: In order to assure the financial sustainability of the school, students need to be charged an annual registration fee (learn more about admission and registration). A system of scholarships, however, will soon be put in place to guarantee access to those who can not afford this annual fee
  • Reliance on Bhutanese teachers: at this initial stage, support from foreigners - both volunteers and employees is still needed; in the longer run most classes should ideally be provided by properly trained Bhutanese music teachers (learn more about the teachers)